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The effort and dedication of the Praktik Bakery team is observed every day in the satisfaction of the customers who visit the hotel. The tireless search for warmth and well-being is part of its essence. And it is the same unconformist desire to improve people's lives, the reason why they have accepted more challenges from the walls of the hotel, and have decided to establish a commitment to cooperate with Mary's Meals Spain.

A cooperation that contributes to providing daily food for children in the schools of the poorest communities in the world, such as Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and South America.

Thanks to the funds received in Mary's Meals Spain, daily food has been provided in schools for 5,476 children during 2016.

Mary's Meal

Mary's Meals is a non-profit foundation that provides food aid to the most disadvantaged children in the world and, in particular, in developing countries. The foundation feeds, every day, 1,230,171 of the poorest children in the world when they go to school.

Since its foundation in 2002, they provide care and assistance to the most vulnerable children, orphans and / or abandoned, victims of malnutrition, humanitarian crises, and poverty, providing them with a daily meal in their respective educational centers and, come to the reconstruction of devastated areas, where they deliver and distribute food shipments.

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